Exercise Vega 2010 @ Decimomannu airbase – part 2

Nov 28 2010 - 4 Comments

Below, more shots by Giovanni Maduli during Exercise Vega 2010 at Decimomannu airbase. Pictures were taken on both Nov. 24, and Nov. 25, 2010, during the Media Day that was organized by the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force, ItAF). More pictures will be published in the next days.
Part 1 can be found here here.

  • Hey David!

    Any idea what that bulge behind F-15B cockpit would be? Haven’t seen that before.

    • Hi Sebastijan,
      there are many theories at the moment: someone says that it is a GPS antenna (but it is too large in my opinion for that purpose) while others say it is a SATCOM antenna that is part of a communication modification (and this is my pick).
      I hope that somebody is able to provide more details.
      Best Regards,

  • yeah I agree, way too big for GPS antenna.

    certainly some interesting additions to their fleets, together with that F-16s

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