Stunning Photo of U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagle jets during Baltic Air Policing mission

May 01 2014 - 5 Comments

48th Air Expeditionary Group has just handed over the task of Baltic Airspace air defense to the Polish and UK air policing detachments.

On Apr. 30, the U.S. Air Force in Europe handed over the Baltic Air Policing task to the Polish Air Force MiG-29s and UK’s Royal Air Force Typhoons that will provide air defense and safety to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, while preserving the security of NATO’s borders.

Before the RAF Lakenheath’s F-15 rotation came to an end (after several interesting close encounters with “Ivan”), during a mission flown over Lithuania, Rich Cooper took the stunning photo you can see in this post.

Image credit: RC-Pro Photography


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  • Paweł K. Malicki

    USAF F-15, PolAF MiG-29 and RAF Typhoon

  • Вася Куролесов

    May Day to you comrades mayday mayday…

  • SpicyGarlicWings

    Why is every photo “stunning”? Nice shot here though!

    • twistedneck

      at least you didn’t play grammar police..
      The photo is stunning
      1. shows three unique A2A platforms
      2. NATO is united
      3. they are armed to the teeth.
      Most interesting is F22 not here, and instead the big dog is the Typhoon. there is nothing Russia has except for Pak FA that can come close.

  • cencio4

    Right click on the image and download it. It’s just resized.