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HD Video of a Syrian Mig-23 attacking Darayya with unguided 500-kg thermobaric bomb

Brought to my attention by Matt Fanning on The Aviationist FB page, the following HD video is one of the few clearly showing a Syrian Mig-23BN attack plane during a strike mission on Darayya, in southwest Syria.

Noteworthy, at the 00:26 of the video, the Russian bomber drops what seems to be a parachute-retarded ODAB-500 thermobaric bomb before egressing the target area at high speed deploying flares to deceive IR missiles like the one  that hit a Mil Mi-17 Hip gunship lately.

2.280 mt in length and 500 mm in diameter, the ODAB-500 is a 500 kg weapon developed by Russia for use against troops, light armored vehicles, parked aircraft and other soft targets.

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Video shows first direct hit of a Surface to Air Missile on a Syrian helicopter

The following video clearly shows a Syrian Mil Mi-17 Hip helicopter hit by a surface-to-air missile near Aleppo on Nov. 27, 2012.

Even if there we have seen many videos showing Assad’s gunships downed by rebels fire, this is the first one to provide evidence of a direct hit using a SAM.

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Netherlands and Germany ready to deploy Patriot missiles to defend Turkish border with Syria

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen tweeted on Monday Nov. 19 that NATO would consider a request from Turkey to deploy Patriot anti-missile systems along its border with Syria.

Al Arabia website quotes Rasmussen as saying: “we will consider any request as a matter of urgency.” Rasmussen went on to add: “The situation on the Syria-Turkey border is of great concern. We have all the plans ready to defend and protect Turkey if needed. The plans will be adjusted if necessary to ensure effective protection of Turkey.”

Only two countries in Europe operate the Patriot anti-missile system, those being The Netherlands and Germany. German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere was quoted as saying the he expected a request on Monday.

Image credit: NATO

Dutch News website Volksrant says that the Dutch government has positive thoughts towards the request and would seek to gain a majority verdict in the Dutch Parliament. It should be pointed out that the Netherlands deployed its Patriots to Turkey during both Gulf Wars to provide protection from Iraqi Scuds.

Similar noises are coming out of Berlin. According to the German website DW, the deployment would be the first ever to a war zone for the anti-aircraft missile squadron.

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Based near the German town of Husum near the Danish border the Patriots have never been fired and according to DW the German government has sought to save costs by halving the Patriot capability by 2015 and will remove them from service totally by 2025.

One or two German units could be deployed very soon, although the German government is concerned as they do not want to be drawn into the Syrian civil war.

As of writing, no formal announcement has been made as to whether Turkey has made a request or if it has, whether NATO has agreed to send the missiles to the border area, nothing has been released on the NATO website.

Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com

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Assad deploys Syrian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer attack planes to hit rebels hard

Located between Aleppo and Idlib, Taftanaz is a major airbase in the northwest of Syria used to launch fighter jets and helicopter gunships against the rebel positions.

A fierce fighting is currently taking place at Taftanaz to liberate the key airfield, an assault that loyalists are trying to counter with Su-24 Fencer attack planes.

The Russian Sukhoi of the Syrian Arab Air Force can be seen jinking a bit during a medium/high level attack with four free fall dumb bombs released at the same time.

Believed to be based at Tiyas with the 819 Squadron, the 20 Su-24 Fencer bombers reportedly in service with the SyAAF are among the most deadly aircraft in the hands of Assad.

They were rarely seen so far, most probably to prevent them from being downed by the rebels (or because they mainly operated at high altitude).

Syria refuses its Mig-21 back unless the pilot comes with it

Jordanian news website Ammonnews, has reported that “Syria has informed Jordan that it either returns the Mig-21 fighter jet and the pilot, or doesn’t want the “abducted” plane, it would stay in Jordan”. The report went on to state that Jordanian authorities have granted the pilot, Colonel Hassan Hamada, political asylum on the basis of the Geneva Convention.

The Pilot had defected on Jun. 21, whilst on a training exercise. Although many media outlets used and still use the image below to show the defecting plane, the photo, literally grabbed by one the major news agencies on a popular aviation forum, actually depicts an Egyptian Mig-21 and not a Syrian Arab Air Force one.

Anyway it is looking like the Mig will stay in Jordan for the foreseeable future.

Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com