Aviation Safety

Hydrazine emergency

Italian version available here Hydrazine is a colorless liquid (for more info click here) that feeds the electrical systems and the EPU (Emergency Power Unit) in case of engine failure. Should a flame-out occur, hydraulic […]

Italian Air Force

The "break"

  This is not a composite picture showing the same aircraft during a turn. It is a photo taken in 2004 at Grazzanise airbase and depicting the first section of the Frecce Tricolori performing the “break” over the […]


Bambini code

L’amico Boris Comazzi, pilota dei P-3 flyers (www.p3flyers.ch), mi ha inviato un’interessante descrizione del “Bambini Code”. Ecco cosa mi ha scritto circa il codice utilizzato fino ai primi anni ’90 dalla Swiss Air Force (e […]