Stunning Aerial Footage of F-16s Flying Over Arizona Filmed in 8K

A screenshot from the Blue Sky Aerial's video filmed in 8K.

Rock solid images of Dutch F-16s taken at more than 300 knots with a Gyro-stabilized System Pro gimbal.

The video below was filmed by Swedish aerial specialist, Peter Degerfeldt at Blue Sky Aerial, from a Sabreliner 65, a “High Veocity Aerial Platform” capable to film up to 45,000 feet and Mach 0.82 with a GSS Cinema Pro.

The GSS is a camera system for high velocity that can shoot stabilized footage in 5 axis up to 400 knots. The wireless system allows remote control of any camera and lens suspended in the Gyro and transmission of the HD picture back to the cabin where it is recorded in Quicktime on a SSD drive and displayed on a monitor.

The result is pretty stunning: steady, rock solid images no matter the speed, banking and Gs pulled by the filmed aircraft.

The latest video was filmed from the Sabreliner as it flew close to two F-16s of the Arizona Air National Guard’s 162nd Wing based at Tucson International Airport in Arizona. The aircraft sport the markings of the Royal Netherlands Air Force because they belong to the 148th Fighter Squadron (FS) “Kickin’ Ass”, the unit that flies RNLAF-owned F-16s in Mid-Life Update (MLU) configuration for Dutch F-16 pilot training. Some of the footage filmed by Deferfeldft was also used in HOOGVLIEGERS (“High-Flyers”) a new Dutch TV series about F-16 Pilots.

F16 flights filmed in 8K from Peter Degerfeldt Blue Sky Aerial on Vimeo.

By the way, Blue Sky Aerial’s Peter Degerfeldt was also behind the famous Gripen footage filmed in 2016.

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