U.S. B-2 Spirit Bombers Conduct Joint Training With RAF F-35B Jets. And Here Are Some Stunning Photographs.

A United States Air Force B2 Spirit, currently deployed to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, flies above the English countryside near Dover with two RAF F-35 jets. (Image credit: Crown Copyright)

The stealth aircraft conducted integration flying training over the English countryside.

The UK MOD has just released a package of really interesting phtographs, interestingly captured by a USAF Exchange pilot, showing the two B-2 Spirit bombers currently deployed to RAF Fairford, flying above the English countryside and over the White Cliffs of Dover along with two British F-35B Lightning jets.

This is the first time the B-2s integrate with non-US F-35s.

Two RAF F-35Bs flying alongside a B-2A Spirit. (Image credit: UK MOD/Crown Copyright).

The two B-2s are among the three Spirit stealth bombers deployed to RAF Fairford from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, as part of a Bomber Task Force, since Aug. 27. The deployment involves both the 509th Bomb Wing and the 131st BW of the Missouri Air National Guard, a unit that has recently achieved FOC (Full Operation Capability).

B-2 and F-35s flying over the White Cliffs of Dover. (Image credit: Crown Copyright)

One of the bat-wing bombers landed at NAS Keflavik for a hot-pit operation that marked the very first landing of a B-2 in Iceland on Aug. 28.

The photo shooting was carried out during a mission flown on Aug. 29.

Another image, reportedly taken by a USAF exchange pilot, of the unique formation (Image credit: Crown Copyright)

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