Here’s The Video Of The Syrian Su-22 Fitter Being Shot Down By A U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet

F/A-18E Super Hornet vs Su-22 Fitter near Raqqa, as seen through the Hornet’s ATFLIR.

On Jun. 18, F/A-18E Super Hornet belonging to the VFA-87 “Golden Warriors” and piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Michael “Mob” Tremel,” shot down a Syrian Arab Air Force Su-22 Fitter near the town of Resafa (40 km to the southwest of Raqqa, Syria).

The VFA-31 Tomcatters, also embarked on USS George Bush (CVN-77) supporting Operation Inherent Resolve from the Mediterranean Sea back then, have included footage of the aerial engagement, filmed with their ATFLIR (Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infra Red) pod, in their 2017 OIR cruise video.

Here below you can see the relevant part of the cruise video, the one that shows the AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) hitting the Syrian Sukhoi (from two different angles – maybe because other Hornets filmed the scene) and then the Fitter crashing into the ground.


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  1. Russian jets generally don’t fair well vs their American counterparts. The lone exception was an Iraqi Mig-25 that downed Scott Speicher’s F/A-18C first night of the gulf war. Would be interesting to see how a Super Hornet would fair vs. an SU-35…

    • And was not the only one, we have to point out that the IRAF aircrafts had all their avionics and systems compromised, due Tolkachev treason, and they were poorly armed (R-60MK, R-24R/T, R-27R/T, R-40, etc) compared with the AIM-7 Sparrow and the AIM-9M sidewinder.

      USN F/A-18s vs. IRAF MiG-25s
      On the first night of the war, two F/A-18s from the carrier USS Saratoga were flying outside of Baghdad when two Iraqi MiG-25PDs interceptors from the 96th Squadron engaged them. In the beyond-visual-range (BVR), one of the Iraqi MiGs, piloted by Lieutenant Colonel Zuhair Dawood, fired an R-40 missile, shooting down one of the F/A-18’s as it was travelling Mach 0.92. The pilot, Lieutenant Commander Scott Speicher, was killed. It is widely believed he died upon the impact of the missile.[2]

      USAF F-111s vs. IRAF MiG-23
      An Iraqi MiG-23 fired a R-24T missile at a F-111 on a bombing run and scored a hit, although the bomber made it safely back to base. Another similar incident occurred with the same Iraqi interceptor several minutes later, this F-111 also made it back to base despite the severe damage to the aircraft. This is Iraq’s only success of the Persian Gulf War using MiG-23s.[4]

      IRAF MiG-29 vs USAF F-111 and B-52G
      An Iraqi MiG-29 struck an F-111 aircraft with an R60 missile, though the sturdy F-111 stayed airworthy. Several minutes later the same pilot fired a R27 missile at a B-52G on a bombing run, severely damaging it.[4]

      RAF Tornado GR.1 vs. IRAF MiG-29
      It has been claimed by some sources that an RAF Tornado (ZA467) crewed by Squadron Leader Gary Lennox and Squadron Leader Adrian Weeks was shot down on 19 January by an R-60MK (NATO reporting name: AA-8 Aphid) missile fired from an Iraqi MiG-29 piloted by Jameel Sayhood,[7] however this aircraft is officially recorded as having crashed on 22 January on a mission to Ar Rutbah.[8][9]

    • It was a BVR shot and his F-18 was loaded with bombs pretty much making it a flying brick.

      How would an F-18E with AESA with Aim-120D’s do against a non AESA SU-35… Take a guess.

    • Depends who’s flying the plane and what model Russian aircraft it is. Syrian Mig 23s/25s shot down a few Israeli F16s and F15s. And before you go quoting wiki please do some proper research on Israeli aircraft losses.

  2. Do you realize that US aircrafts are illegaly flying over the Syrian territory? They have no legal ground to destroy anything there! They do this because they can, they are the big bully guy of the school. By the way, the Syrian aircraft had no AA weapons!. Was a fight bettween a Lion and a tied monkey.

  3. US downing a Syrian plane over Syrian territory…who can blame Syria for wanting to liberate their country from all invaders?

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