Check out this crazy photo of the Supermoon featuring a U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle

This is the best Super Moon shot we have seen so far!

Taken on Nov. 14 by Suzanne Farmer, the picture above shows an F-15E Strike Eagle from RAF Lakenheath, UK, with the Supermoon in the background.

The Supermoon on that night was the closest a Full Moon has been to Earth since January 26, 1948: 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.

No need to add further comment to Suzanne’s shot: perfect timing, perfect photograph that combines the Supermoon and a combat jet flying nearby.

Well done!

Image credit: Suzanne Farmer (and many thanks to Derek, her husband, who shared the fantastic shot with us)


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  1. A real plane capable of real combat (a Mig or Sukhoi would have ruined it by streaming black smoke behind the aircraft).

      • Another big time FAIL on your part. You’re trying to imply that the FW-190D was the best piston-engine fighter in WW-II. Wrong! First off if you knew anything about WW-II fighters, as I do (I know everything) and you were gonna pick that Focke-Wulf model you would have picked the Dora-9 (as it was known). The FW-190D9. But even then you’d be wrong.

        If you knew half as much as you spew you would have picked the TA-152H1, a derivative of the FW-190D9. It was the best piston fighter of WW-II. Even outpaced the P-51. But unfortunately you’re outta your league. Way outta your league given some of the guys posting on this forum (some). If you want to try and sound smart about aviation – to impress the unsophisticated, which you are – go to an RF model airplane site. There I promise you will be their Superman! Or should I say Uberman?

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