This photo shows 13 F-22 Raptors squeezed into the NASA Langley Research Center hangar for Hurricane protection

Sep 11 2016 - 11 Comments

13 F-22 Raptors and 9 other aircraft found a shelter in the NASA hangar at Langley.

The image above was posted by the Commander of the 1st Fighter Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis.

It shows 13 F-22 Raptors along with 9 other aircraft for a collective 22 planes squeezed inside inside a giant NASA Langley Research Center hangar, rated for Cat. 2 hurricanes, where the multi-role stealth jets were recovered in preparation of the arrival of Hurricane Hermine.

When there is no enough space to accommodate all the aircraft, airbases about to be hit by Hurricanes evacuate their aprons temporarily moving the planes to other airfields: an operation dubbed “Hurrevacing” (from HurrEvac – Hurricane Evacuation).

Image credit: NASA

  • Max Butched

    Billions dollars Tetris, nice

  • sferrin

    This could have been expensive:

    (Just missed a flight line of B-1Bs.)

    This WAS expensive (tornado hits B-36 flight line):

    • Horn

      The B-36 was retired in the Fifties. From what I understand, there were no aircraft losses.

      • sferrin

        1 write off. Lots of repairs.

  • Gruia

    Does this feel like too many expensive eggs in one basket? Why not disperse them in small concrete bunkers, strewn around the airbase. It would save the time needed to carefully arrange everything, tetris style. Not to speak of potential bottlenecks in times of crisis.

    • chris sullivan

      Short answer is that, AFAIK, there are zero hardened aircraft shelters (HAS) in the continental US to use. Since Pearl Harbor, the US tries really hard to fight our wars overseas, not at home, so we don’t waste money building HAS in CONUS.
      For those worried about the lack of hurrevac for Hermine, the storm was no longer a hurricane when it reached Virginia & had peak gusts of 50-60 mph at Langley AFB. The hangar is rated up to hurricane Cat 2, which equates to winds 96-110 mph, twice as high. Assuming NASA wasn’t lying about the robustness of its hangar, the biggest risk was a fender bender during the parking process.

  • Ronsoppinion

    Seeing as there are only 187 operational F22’s aircraft in existence at present we can’t afford to loose any, the F22 has proved it is the finest aircraft in any airforce at present, I am hoping that production by Lockheed Martin on the F-22 Raptor starts again, it is all down to finance.

  • David Carter

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?????

    back in the day he right answer was always fly them out!

    Everyone gets a two day paid vacation to Little Rock, Barksdale, Columbus anywhere far enough inland to be safe.

    • Dave Hilling

      yeah same, we flew like 10 C-130s out to Scott a few years back just in case. Was a nice 3 day vacation.

  • PoliticalBastard

    What you do when hurricane strikes? Squeeze em’ f22 with a couple of Cessnas together in a tiny little hangar, of course.

  • Uniform223

    No this is all in an attempt to keep bees away from the F-22…