Deploy to the Western Pacific aboard the USS Ronald Reagan with the VFA-27 cruise video

Apr 18 2016 - Leave a Comment

VFA-27 just released the trailer to their new cruise video featuring F/A-18Es flying while deployed to the Western Pacific aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. And more.

Air-to-air training, live ordnance drops, low-level flying, flight deck operations and much more: these are the contents of the cruise video that documents the time spent on deployment in the Western Pacific by VFA-27.

“We’re an F/A-18E squadron based out of Atsugi, Japan and one of the few F/A-18 squadrons in the Forward Deployed Naval Forces,” says one of the pilots from the U.S. Navy squadron in an email to The Aviationist.

“Most notably, during WESTPAC 2015, the Royal Maces escorted the USS George Washington across the Pacific to conduct the historic hull swap with the USS Ronald Reagan. The video documents a lot of our training as we operate around the carrier and includes footage from our detachment to NAS Fallon. In addition, there’s a low-level segment that was filmed through the mountains of Japan during our time spent at home. We are allowed to bring along cameras in the cockpit as long as they don’t interfere with our training or endanger safety of flight.”