New HD video shows Russian Su-35S Flankers at Latakia airbase

Feb 04 2016 - 9 Comments

Last few seconds of this footage feature Russian Su-35S Flankers on the flightline at Latakia airbase.

Taken at Hmeymim airbase, the following interesting video shows Russian combat planes involved in the air war over Syria taking off and landing from the airfield located near Latakia, in northwestern Syria.

Noteworthy, in the last few seconds of the clip you can also see the four Su-35S fighters that joined the Russian air war in Syria last week.

These aircraft, that were delivered to the Russian Air Force in the last quarter of 2015, wear serial numbers 02517, 02518, 02619 and 02620.

  • nikoliy

    Brand new, it would be interesting to see if they have any issues. Should be flying them every day.

    • franciwzm

      A part from gigantic rcs and impossibility to fight in supersonic due to horrendous drag and aerodinamics ?

  • Tim Edwards

    This US AIr Force instructor is talking about the Su-30MKI…….He basically admits if the pilot in the Su-30 is good and they have AWAC supported with data links you need the F-22….the problem the Russian’s have is that numbers aren’t on their side and no one really knows how good their pilots are…..

    • Roland Lawrence

      some common sense at last. Not some BS hype at a red flag exercise. The su 27 family of planes have shown great scope for being upgraded over the years and as the gentlemen rightly points out, training counts for a lot. You just dont get that in a simulator. Great pilots need to fly as the saying goes.

  • Pepe Le Cox

    Is a tunguska over a truck! with more missiles! lol! IR and Radar tracking, wow

  • Pepe Le Cox

    Most of the russian radar specs online are based in 3 or 3.5 sqm or less RCS (for an average plane), if you read that qhe russian system can track a cruise missile or AGM-88 HARM, etc, means that is smaller than a F-35, the SU-35 RCS is not bigger than a F-15.

  • Pepe Le Cox

    Yeah in a summer night dream!

  • Владолф Путлер

    Who Russia enemy? Turkey or Syrian opposition group and ISIS?

  • El Kabong

    Here’s a counter to that.

    SEAD/DEAD, PGM’s and cruise missiles.