Gorgeous photos show new U.S. Army CH-47F Chinook helicopters training in Germany

Some cool U.S. Army CH-47F Chinook images.

Taken on Aug. 21, 2015, the following beautiful pictures show brand new CH-47F Chinook helicopters from Hotel Company 1-214 Aviation Regiment, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB), taking off after refueling at a local German airport and flying in a convoy formation enroute to Bremerhaven port.

New CH-47Fs

The new CH-47F is the cutting-edge variant of the combat-proven Chinook: developed in the 1950s, the CH-47 entered in service with the U.S. Army in 1962 and has played a key role in every major conflict since then.

Being the U.S. Army’s only heavy-lift helicopter, the CH-47 is a critical asset for transporting troops, supplies and providing combat support and combat service support operations.

New CH-47Fs

Image Credit: Sgt. Thomas Mort / U.S. Army