Watch Jetman fly in formation with an Emirates Airbus A380 over Dubai

Jetpack pilots form up with a giant A380 in an awesome video.

This is video is amazing.

It shows Jetman Dubai flying in formation with an Emirates Airbus A380 over Dubai.

Just think what jetpack-equipped pilots will be able to do in the next years, as skydivers will have enough speed to pursuit and intercept fast movers: as we suggested some years ago with a joke, you’ll have your low cost fighter jet solution to face the current financial crisis…

In the meanwhile enjoy this stunning footage of an unusual formation.

H/T Giulio Cristante for the heads-up


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  1. The FAA is rightly concerned about a drone weighing a few ounces flying near aircraft. If these devices are ever rented, some 150 pound idiot will want to get too close to an airliner and be sucked into an engine.

    A terrorist could bring down any aircraft with a handgun. It is utter insanity to permit the sale of these jetpacks.

  2. Special Operators need these. We’ll call them Flying Squirrels. Sh Sh Sh Shaaa…..

  3. I would love to see what happens if Jetman flew into the wake turbulence! (At a safe enough altitude to fully recover of course).

  4. impressive!

    behind the scenes video with more jetman scenes

    for those who never heard of jetman dubai

  5. I’d say that it’s really stupid. Just imagine how many passengers in this A380, and how easily things can go wrong. This behavior should be punished

    • This was a special publicity event organised by Emirates Airlines. They closed the airspace over Dubai so that these three aircraft and the chase photography/support helicopters were the only things in that patch of sky.

      Michael Rudolph, head of aviation regulations and safety at Dubai’s Civil Aviation Authority, said the display caused a number of concerns because no human had ever flown that close to a large passenger aircraft. To ease concerns and mitigate the chances of an incident, a number of risk assessments and a workshop were conducted. The number of flights coming in and out of the Dubai International Airport were also restricted.

      There was nobody in the jetliner except the crew. Additionally, to improve the conditions of the flight, the A380’s weight was reduced to under 386 tons, a large reduction compared to its maximum flight weight of 634 tons.

      Due to its immense size, the greatest concern relating to Rossey and Reffet’s flight around the aircraft was turbulence. To reduce instability, Rossy and Reffet’s formation patterns were meticulously planned so that they wouldn’t come into contact with the A380’s wake turbulence and jet efflux.

      Emirates ensured that the duo had the necessary reference points of the A380 in flight so that they would be able to perform safely. To establish the reference points, flight simulation and visual orientations revolving around the large aircraft were performed at Emirates’ Engineering Center.

      A practice flight was conducted on Oct. 12 before the main event which was performed on Oct. 13.

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