Impressive video shows a B-36 strategic bomber buzzing Forth Worth roofs

Watch a gigantic Convair B-36 performing a super low flyby over Forth Worth neighbourhood.

The following footage consists of two clips: the first one shows a standard Peacemaker take off and climb out  as it could be seen from Riglea area, south of Carswell AFB.  The second clip instead shows a very low pass that ripped TV antennas from roofs and severely damaged homes.

Built as a high altitude strategic bomber, this very low-level flyby seems a bit too risky for a B-36, still this video is quite impressive and it shows the Peacemaker as you have never seen before!


  1. What a shame it wasn’t shot in HD. There will probably never be another “buzz” like it, at least from that pilot. Man, I bet he got his tail royally chewed!

  2. & bigger then the Bristol Brabazon, the other large piston powered aircraft of the time!

  3. Gotta love living near the pattern of a major SAC base. I really used to enjoy driving near Carswell AFB in the late 70’s when the F-105’s were doing pattern work.

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