In what is probably a first, RT streamed live from Latakia as Russian jets launched war missions

Oct 28 2015 - 4 Comments

RT streamed real-time the operations of the Russian Su-34s at Latakia airbase.

Announced by a Tweet, for little less than 40 minutes, Ruptly (the video news agency belonging to RT) streamed live from al-Assad airbase, near Latakia, as RuAF attack planes taxied and took off to attack ground targets in Syria.

Considered the confidentiality of such wartime operations, it is at least unusual that people sitting in front of their desktop or laptop, or using a mobile device, are given the opportunity to watch combat sorties as they launch; however it looks like that Russians want everybody to see their aircraft (some of those with the Red Star and insignia still painted over) as they blast out of the Syrian airbase to conduct bomb missions.

Whether the live-stream will be repeated in the next days is unknown.

In the meanwhile, you can watch the full recorded video here:

H/T Alessandro Borsetti for the heads-up

  • Roland Lawrence

    Interesting strategy. Techie question though. The radar at 17:04 in the video I assume is some kind of LWB type? How does that compare to western types?

  • Dave Hilling

    Considering I remember CNN doing the same thing when the US bombed Kosovo, no I am not surprised… something like we see US jets taking off loaded with bombs we arent sure what that means… ugh all opsec destroyed.

  • thehamish

    Saudi and Turkish militaries could live tweet ISIS beheading videos since they are so close with each other.

  • Jan Schmidt

    video is private – cannot watch it anywhere – seems someone took it down? yeah it is offline