Dramatic video shows Mi-24 Hind gunships fighting rebels in Syria

Impressive: Mi-24 Hind helicopters performing rocket runs at low altitude in Syria

The following videos were filmed in Syria in the last hours and show Mi-24 Hind helicopters (Russian  ones, deployed to Latakia along with the rest of the RuAF contingent, according to the first unverified reports), fighting rebels.

The first footage (now removed) shows two Hinds (a type of helo flown also by the Syrian Arab Air Force and frequently used against revolutionaries since the beginning of the uprising) during a rocket attack at very low altitude in Kafr Nabudah, in northwestern Syria. The two choppers can be seen overflying the village and releasing plenty of flares to deceive potential MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) in the hands of rebel forces.

MANPADS have been successfully used against Mi-24/25s in Syria, Ukraine and Armenia.

And here is another video, showing Syrian rebels shooting at an Mi-24 helicopter with their AK-47s. This footage was allegedly filmed in Latakia.

What looks like a mortar can be briefly spotted in this second video at 0:46: did the Mi-24s attack that position in order to wipe out a mortar possibly threatening the RuAF base at al-Assad International Airport?


H/T to Alessandro Borsetti for sending the links to these interesting videos.


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  1. You really love your Russian pals killing anti-government rebels, don’t you?

    You Russian or merely a dupe?

  2. You sure don’t have any clue.

    Nowadays in the West, PGM’s are the norm and net-centric warfare is standard.

    Welcome to the 21st century…

  3. The election results do not reflect what the majority wants. Remember, this isn’t a democratic country. 85% alone is a crazy number, especially in such times. If a government is capable of changing its constitution in one day, I think it’s safe to say they’re in the election rigging/forging business too . Besides, it’s not like opposition to Assad doesn’t go unpunished. Those who don’t like him tend not to show it because they dont want to go to jail/die.
    Finally, if the Syrian people truly did like Assad, I don’t see why they would rise up against him.

    An illegitimate election cannot convey a legitimate government.

  4. Didn’t learn your lesson from the Afghan invasion in the 80’s I see….

    100% of your claims, are baseless lies.

    • Yes they did, they are not illegal. The countries that employ them never signed the treaty banning them. It’s a joke by armchair generals in the same line as the “.50 is prohibited against human targets” for example.

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