Watch this insanely low-flying Ukrainian Mi-17 helicopter buzz cars on highway

You can’t fly lower than this!

The following video, filmed by a car dash camera, shows a Ukrainian Mi-17 Hip helicopter buzzing the cars on a highway somewhere near Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine’s fourth largest town, in the central-eastern part of the country.

Ukrainian helicopters, especially Mi-24 Hind gunships supporting the war against pro-Russia separatists, mainly operate at very low altitude where they can be more effective but at the same time they become more vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire: several Hind helicopters and many other Ukrainian aircraft have been shot down by MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) in eastern Ukrainian during clashes with Russia-backed militia.

H/T to Foxtrot Alpha for digging up this video


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  1. That is impressive. Bit disappointed it was a ‘Top Gun’ video with the sound blanked out and the Added Music. But I guess Dash Cams only need a visual evidence in court, no sound really.

    • I came to like the trip hop remix of Riders On the Storm, with “there’s a killer on the road” seemingly oddly appropriate.

  2. “Ukrainian helicopters, especially Mi-24 Hind gunships supporting…” present continuous tense.

    Are still flyING in the war zone? supportING the troops? I am under impression that UkAF quit the fight in September 2014, nearly one year ago after the separatists fielded a number of air defense assets.

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