Here are the French Military Forces relocated near Paris following the attack on Charlie Hebdo

French Military presence in the Île-de-France reinforced following the deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine.

The French MoD has released updated information about the way French forces have been deployed in and around Paris following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine which cost the life of 12 people

600 military personnel are deployed in the region around France’s capital as part of Vigipirate, France’s national security alert system. The alert level of such forces was raised on Jan. 7, in the aftermath of the attack and additional reinforcements are set to be deployed in the next hours.

Paratroopers  of the 1er régiment de chasseurs parachutistes (1er RCP, Parachute Chasseur, an airbone unit of the French Army) have arrived from Pamiers whereas 100 more, belonging to the 8ème régiment parachutiste d’infanterie de marine (Marine Infantry) from Castres were scheduled to arrive in late afternoon.

Military were moved thanks to the support of the French Air Force A340 of the ET 03.060 from BA107 Villacoublay, C-160 Transal of the BA105 Evreux/Fauville and the CN235 from the BA110 Creil. A

Beginning on Jan. 9, these detachments will bring to 850 the number of military deployed around Paris to ensure the security of citizens and key sites.

Should the need arise, 250 additional military are ready to be deployed in the area at short notice.

According to the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, in total, more than 88,000 personnel are committed throughout the territory, including 50,000 Police employees, 32,000 from the Gendarmerie, 5,000 policemen and gendarmes of the Forces mobiles, and 1,150 military.

Image credit: French MoD


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