Video allegedly shows Norwegian F-16 almost collide with Russian Mig-31 during Su-34 intercept mission

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has released an HUD (Head Up Display) video that would show Russian aggressive flying.

The RNoAF has released HUD (Head Up Display) footage, filmed by an F-16 of the 331 Sqn, based at Bodo, during the escort of a Russian Su-34 Fullback long-range strike planes on armed patrol off Finmark on Oct. 29.

This was the first time the Su-34s were observed and identified while flying in international airspace off Norway.

Although the video does not show it very clearly, according to Norway’s military as the F-16 was getting closer to the Su-34’s left wing, a Mig-31 that was escorting the Foxhound initiated a sudden maneuver, forcing the Norwegian interceptor to perform an evasive left turn to avoid a mid-air collision.

As said, the footage does not show the close call: all we can see is the F-16 roll to the left while approaching the Mig-31 (that appears to be flying more or less straight when it enters the HUD field of view). Nevertheless, Nowegian authorities said the video prove how dangerous and aggressive Russian pilots are during such close encounters that have become quite frequent in the Nordic region of Europe.

Photographs taken by RNoAF F-16s on QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) at Bodo airbase were released last month: they depict a Su-34 Russian aircraft carrying what looks like a single external fuel tank and two Vympel R-73 air-to-air missiles, shadowed by another F-16 carrying two drop tanks and two AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles).

H/T Lars Westholm for the heads-up


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    • To be fair these types of incidents happened throughout the Cold War, even when Moscow was afraid of the West. Because yes we now know that Moscow was more afraid of us than we were of them. Funny how that works… Still, this was common for 40+ years and it’s really not that “new” at all.

      • I don’t agree in that, look at the history, US flew many U-2 and SR-71 along and inside the borders of the former soviet union, the URSS NEVER flew any aircraft inside the american borders, all the time the agressive behavior have been iniciated by US, placing air defense missiles complex and bases near the former URSS and Russian frontiers, so who is afraid of whom?

        • They were in Russian waters in the Black Sea, not in international or american waters, read this and stop talking BS:

          ” It was on this Mediterranean deployment that Yorktown gained worldwide publicity from operations conducted in the Black Sea as part of Freedom of Navigation program.[2] On 12 February 1988, while the Yorktown was exercising the “right of innocent passage” through Soviet territorial waters the Soviet Burevestnik-class frigateBezzavetnyy (Russian: Беззаветный) intentionally collided with Yorktown with the intention of pushing it out of Soviet territorial waters, in what some observers have called “the last incident of the Cold War”.[3] The Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs at the time,Richard L. Armitage, acknowledged that the transit was not operationally necessary, but asserted that it was still a valid innocent passage under international law.[4]”

          By the way I don’t beleive Americans are “innocent”

  1. Oh gawd such an extreme reckless manoeuver by the mig-31with its speedbrakes out….really…everything is good to trash talk Russian pilots here…

    • Its getting to be like a trailer for a Michael Bay film. Nothing *actually* going on but the soundtrack has gotten all dramatic. & how dare the Russians fly in international airspace. Shocking. Of course the F16 had not been sent to intercept the Mig 31 and just happened to be in the area when its airspace was violated.

    • Looks like the F-16 was approaching from behind, in one regular highway or road, if you hit the front car who is the responsible? :)

      • If you cut the lane in front of another car, you’re resposible.
        It seems more likely the norsky, more or less inadvertently lost to the sight of the su34, crossed into the mig31’s flight lane, which the ruskie didn’t take lightly, and nudged the mighty viking gently into his own flightpath. I’ll bet the falcon jockey shitted his pants during the close encounter.
        If the NATO propaganda machine isn’t showing the full recording of the event, to get a clearer view, it remains just another bullshit “shocking news” for the dumbed masses (west good – east bad).

    • You didn’t accurately comprehend the article: “according to Norway’s military as the F-16 was getting closer to the
      Su-34’s left wing, a Mig-31 that was escorting the Foxhound initiated a
      sudden maneuver, forcing the Norwegian interceptor to perform an evasive
      left turn to avoid a mid-air collision.” and also “the footage does not show the close call…” The aircraft that forced the F-16 to maneuver isn’t seen on the HUD video.

    • “You’re plane cut me off, time to nuke you.”

      If World War 3 starts I can guarantee it’s not because of this lol.

  2. The Russian is doing level flight. The Norwegian appears to be all over the place and probably caught some wake turbulence. I don’t see how this video is any kind of “proof” of aggression.

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