Surreal aerial footage of old Soviet warbirds in the east of Germany (filmed by drone)

Extremely cool footage of some old Soviet combat planes in a Cold War atmosphere.

Here’s a really interesting footage filmed by a quadcopter drone with some surreal close ups of MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-22, MI-8, L-29 Delfin and a Ilyuschin plane at the Aviation Museum in Finowfurt, near Berlin, Germany.

Finowfurt is an old Soviet military airbase that nowadays is being used as a museum where planes on display are being restaurated one by one.


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  1. So lucky to live in Ohio where we have the best Aviation museum in the world with the USAF Museum. They have many of these aircraft in mint restored condition in doors. Hate to see these sitting out in the elements looking so rough. Pieces of aviation history, they deserve better preservation.

    • USAF Museum Dayton….Got to go back in 1980. I best remember the ME-163 Komet with the message written inside the fuselage by the slaves the Germans used to build them. Been to Burma air force museum, RAF Hendon, old SAC Omaha, Mcchord AFB, the old San Diego Air & Space, Boeing Red Barn, Hickam & got to fly the 1st Boeing 727 now a museum piece.

  2. Marvelous footage of what must be a museum with a limited budget—notice the outside storage and the planes covered with green.

    Perhaps someone should interest Paul Allen or one of the other wealthy collectors of military artifacts to work out a trade. Their US and UK museums would get some of these Cold War aircraft. The financially strained museums in Eastern Europe and Russia would get money to better preserve their collections.

    Here’s Paul Allen’s collection:

    I would love for a U.S. museum to acquire, in good condition, one of the massive Tupolev TU-95 Bear bombers the Soviets had and that the Russians are still using to what they do so well, which stir up fruitless trouble.

    • “planes covered with green”…….Maybe a new camouflage?!?! LOL.Tupolev TU-95 Bears. Wouldn’t be surprised if Puttin bought them and put em back in service. Not LOL

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