Can you ID this rocket that was abandoned in Milan’s suburbs?

A rocket was found in the outskirts of Milan.

On Oct. 24, a rocket was found in Parco Lambro, a large park located in northeastern Milan, Italy.

About 70 cm in length, the rocket is painted olive-drab and has a yellow nose, as if it contains an explosive warhead. Although it may be a fake (it looks too clean, without rivets, bolts, labels etc.), its shape reminds that of a 5-Inch HVAR (High Velocity Aircraft Rocket) or a 3.5-Inch FFAR (Forward Firing Aircraft Rocket) – old rockets whose length is twice that of the ordnance found under a tree at Lambro park in Milan.

In 2011, a rocket “used by Italian helicopters” (most probably an 81-mm Medusa rocket) was found in a field near the tracks of a Rome-Naples high-speed railway bridge in the area of the settlement Ceccano, near Frosinone. The rocket, hidden below some black plastic bags, is about 1.5 meters in length and, although filled with propellant, it had no explosive material.

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  1. It does look very much like the old ‘Sub-Caliber Aircraft Rocket’ training round rocket from WW2….

    Maybe came from someones collection?

    At first I thought ‘Amateur Rocket’…. but on closer inspection it does carry attachment lugs…..and since its diminutive in size…I really think its a ‘simulation’ training rocket of some sort…

    Yuo say ti was foudn with propellant inside…if this wasnt the case Id even venture a guess that its for training in the handling of such weapons and devices….

  2. Looks like a home built model rocket the likes of which I used to build as a kid. There appears to be two bolts on the side, obviously for launching it from a guide rail.

  3. Very much like the ‘Sub Calibre Aircraft Rocket’ training round from WW2

    I was originally going to say ‘Amateur rocket’…but the atchment lugs make me think it IS a military rocket…but not actually a weapon, if you get my meaning : D

    Not something that should be left lying about, especially if, as you say, it was found with propellant within!


    I made this comment earlier…and it didnt seem to come up….ae comments filtered or something? Im mentioning it in case there is a double post : D

    adn PPS

    Ive been reading the Blog for YEARS..but might never have said ‘Great Work’.

    • That’s odd. There weren’t any comments here at all when I posted. Otherwise I could have saved myself some time and just read VFA41’s comment.

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