ISIS flag planted on hill near Kobane: Coalition air strike wipes it out

Video shows what happened to a hill near Kobane. Wiped out by an air strike conducted by US-led coalition bombers.

This is a striking video showing what happened to a hill near Kobane, where ISIS had just planted a flag. IS fighters are unware the position is going to be literally buried by bombs dropped by coalition jets.

B-1 bombers have been spotted over Kobane several times in the last few weeks, as the Syrian village near the Turkish border is the theater of a fierce battle between ISIS and Kurdish forces.

Although an identification of the weapons used in the air strike is almost impossible, the following image is a frame from the footage with the bomb (most probably an LGB) highlighted.

Someone may guess why so many bombs where dropped on a flag and couple of IS fighters (one of those seemed to escape the first couple of hits): a symbolic attack?

Bomb on ISIS hill

H/T to Guido Olimpio for posting the link to the AFP on FB


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  1. For 2 years we called them freedom fighters and FSA

    and now they become ISIS and AL-NUSRA cannibals

    hum m…. that’s simple …. good old regime change policy (in name of democracy)

  2. Your tax dollars at work… about 10 million dollars spent to bomb a flag. Because our schools and hospitals and economy are in such good shape and taxes are so low we have nothing better to do with the money?

  3. Are you seriously justifying beheading innocent men, women, and children? Just because “beheading of people exist many years ago?” You’re either a really bad troll or a moron. Probably both.

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