Photo shows Greek F-4 Phantom drop 12 bombs in Vietnam-style attack during Parmenion drills

Oct 11 2014 - 18 Comments

If you thought modern combat planes use only a handful of Laser Guided Bombs you were wrong.

On Oct. 2, several assets belonging to the Hellenic Armed Forces attended the final phase of the national joint exercise “PARMENION 2014”  held from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, throughout the territory of Greece and within Athens FIR (Flight Information Region).

F-4 HAF live firing drop

Among the aircraft that took part in the live firing demo in Evros there were four F-4E AUP Phantom II of the 338 Squadron, firing 12 Mk82 (500lbs) dumb bombs each.

F-4 HAF live firing top

Here are some images showing the sort-of carpet bombing by the 40-year old Phantoms involved in the drills along with F-16s and AH-64 Apache gunship helicopters.


BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) was conducted by RF-4Es, including a Special Color one.


Below is a video with the highlights of the activity on the firing range.

 H/T e-Amyna for the heads-up. Image credit HAF


  • Alois Janíček

    Greeks should train in Iraq, it’s not so far.

    • Savvas

      Turkey is more near from Iraq! You know?

  • Nick

    oops. Well it was a public event with TV and press involved. So I guess the Israeli officer’s presence was no secret.

  • erevos

    Long live the Hellenic Armed Forces!

  • Talon

    First of all, Greeks contribute in NATO missions with numerous assets
    every day. Comments about training in Iraq etc show general lack of
    knowledge. Just a hint about that, Greece is the only EU NATO country
    (that I know of) threatened with standing casus belli from a
    neighbouring country (Turkey). Alois Janíček, is that Czech
    by the way? Now, about the IDF colonel, I’m pretty sure that it is the
    first time I see a name tag worn by any Israeli personnel. If the col. had
    orders to conceal his name, rank etc then probably he shouldn’t be
    wearing that name tag attending a foreign live firing demo full of media
    and cameras. Don’t you agree fellow IDF commentator? After all, this
    video is made by a civilian operated (obviously) news agency who know
    nothing about IDF opsec or whatever else you mean. Nice video by the way.

  • Will Coles

    Sending subtle messages wrapped up in old school sledgehammer-like propaganda?

  • SpicyGarlicWings

    Isn’t Greece bankrupt?

    • Pedro Alcontes

      Saved by North European countries in change of the purchase of ammos and new warfare systems…

      • SpicyGarlicWings

        This is in the news just today…October 16, 2014:

        “The fate of Greece was a particular concern in Europe. Investors are worried the country might need more financial support as its government borrowing rates have risen sharply in recent days. Greece’s benchmark 10-year-bond yield rose 1.13 percentage points Thursday to 8.86%.”

        It just (no pun intended) blows me away Greece would put out this video showing the collassal waste this event was. Shameful!

  • θάνος

    amazing consistency from F4 pilots concerning bombing accuracy… that hill was turned to a flat valley!

  • The day the last F-4 Phantom II leaves active service is going to be one of the saddest days out there. It’s bad enough we’ve lost the F-111 from service and the Iranians are it for the F-14 Tomcat. Long live the Phantom!

  • McPosterdoor

    Check out the 4:29 mark. Ghillie Suit? Stealthy. Aviators? Flashy. This guy? Ready for anything.

  • Ripper

    Greece, Russia, Israel and Cyprus are allying against Turkey. However Turkey goes on searching for gas. What happened in 1974? Who could stop Turkey? Go find more allies, do military exercises, train your soldiers and be hopeful maybe it works one day.

  • Frigate Cumberland

    Looks like a good day was had by all.

  • veej7485

    that was awesome