Video: Flying the mighty F-4 Phantom (and dropping some bombs at rocks in the Aegean Sea)

In 2012, the 338 Sqn “Ares” of the Hellenic Air Force celebrated its 60th anniversary. The event was marked also with an interesting video that includes F-4 Phantom cockpit footage as well as some cool images of the Greek combat planes dropping bombs at rocks, small deserted islands in the Aegean sea.

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  1. Impressive stuff – well done. But am I mistaken in thinking that one of the munitions that was dropped on the Aegean rock was a cluster bomb? If so, is Greece still using them?

  2. Greece is not a signatory to the Convention on Cluster Munitions as are alot of other states including the USA, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, Syria, Iran et al. Yes ,the LITENING II pod showed a CBU being deployed. I myself loaded a CBU-97 SFW for load training last week on one of our jets.

  3. I noticed the cluster bomb, too, and was going to ask about it – but someone was quicker. Thx for your answer, Troy.

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