Phantom Phorever!!! Wittmund hosts last F-4 Spotter Day. For real Phantom Phreaks.

On Jun. 5, Wittmund airbase, home of Germany’s last operational F-4 Phantoms the Jadgdeschwader (JG) 71 “Richthofen”, hosted a Spotter Day. Possibly the last one before the entire fleet is eventually retired next year.

Unfortunately, the Spotter Day didn’t feature any flying activity, and the venerable “Rhinos” were only in static display.

In spite of the completely static event, The Aviationist’s photographer Giovanni Maduli, a real “Phantom Phreak” flew to Germany to attend the “open house” and take (among the others) the following interesting panorama images.

The following aircraft were spotted on static display:

37+01 38+24 38+42
37+92 38+28* 38+48
38+01 38+29 38+50
38+10 38+33 38+53

Whilst the German Phantoms are retired and replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoons, in the U.S., according to the Air Force Magazine, the final F-4 Phantom destined for conversion to a QF-4 aerial target drone, has entered the 309th Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Group’s refurbishment line at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.

Destined to be delivered to the Air Force in January 2013, the final Phantom, serial number 68-0609, will become the 318th QF-4 drone supplied to the USAF.

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