[Video] Scorpion Jet Mock Airborne Intercept of Cessna 182

Apr 13 2014 - 5 Comments
  • Gregg Weber

    There must be a lot of them spread around to cover every potential target that a small slow plane might have. Probably limited to the highest value/probability targets. Can other jet pilots be checked out in this so that 1 pilot can fly choice of 2 plane types as need arises?

  • michael

    I thought it isn’t armed

  • sferrin

    Now let’s see how easily it intercepts a 747 at 570mph. LOL

  • John

    Time to start a petition over at change.org ordering Cessna to make that available to the private market. Who needs a Gulfstream when you can have a scorpion

  • jetaddicted

    the french use choppers (fennecs MASA) for that purpose; cheaper and just as efficient over slow moving targets.