[Video] Scorpion Jet Mock Airborne Intercept of Cessna 182

Here’s the Scorpion Jet intercepting a Slow Mover in a SMI (Slow Mover Intercept) scenario.

Cessna parent company Textron has released an interesting video showing  a Cessna 182 flying at 120 knots intercepted by the Scorpion jet prototype.

The Scorpion, that has recently expanded its flight envelope to 360 KTAS and 30,000 feet, manages to formate on the simulated zombie’s right wing before breaking away.


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  1. There must be a lot of them spread around to cover every potential target that a small slow plane might have. Probably limited to the highest value/probability targets. Can other jet pilots be checked out in this so that 1 pilot can fly choice of 2 plane types as need arises?

  2. Time to start a petition over at change.org ordering Cessna to make that available to the private market. Who needs a Gulfstream when you can have a scorpion

  3. the french use choppers (fennecs MASA) for that purpose; cheaper and just as efficient over slow moving targets.

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