Video of Cessna’s low cost Scorpion Tactical Jet’s first successful flight

On Dec. 12, Cessna’s Scorpion Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)/Strike aircraft made its first flight from McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.

A new video, released by Textron, shows the Scorpion taxiing, taking off, maneuvering and landing after a 1.4-hour test flight.

The aircraft is a two-seater with twin canted tails, two 8,000-lb turbofan engines, straight wings with internal weapons bay and  external hardpoints to accomodate precision guided munitions.


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  1. Be interesting to see what size a 1/72 model kit might be of the aircraft. May need a magnifying glass. Come to think of it, The Brits may be interested for deployment on their future large aircraft carriers that are coming into service – instead of up to 24 F-35Bs they could deploy, say, 150 of these? Just a thought ;-)

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