Here is Pentagon’s Future Tilt-Rotor Drone

Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System will perform cargo resupply, CASEVAC and ISR missions

According to Darpa “ARES is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flight module designed to operate as an unmanned platform capable of transporting a variety of payloads. The ARES VTOL flight module is designed to have its own power system, fuel, digital flight controls and remote command-and-control interfaces. Twin tilting ducted fans will provide efficient hovering and landing capabilities in a compact configuration, with rapid conversion to high-speed cruise flight.”

ARES is the transformer-like, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) capable to move between an airport, a warship, or an improvised landing zone and the battlefield, and perform a wide variety of missions, including cargo transportation, casualties evacuation as well as Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

In other words, ARES will replace the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft and a few other platforms.

Obviously, using a drone to perform such missions in a contested airspace reduces the risks of losing airmen.

By the way, ARES will be remotely piloted using smartphones and tablets: we are moving towards air war 2.0.

ARES Darpa Battlefield Operations

Image credit: Lockheed Martin


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  1. that scares me. Even Iran could capture one of our drones. That might be old school, but I think transport vehicles need a real pilot, as well bombers and fighters

    • michael this will save countless lives – both the lives of pilots who don’t have to go into dangerous zones and also the lives of soldiers on the ground who can be evacuated by a drone that can fly into a contested area that is too dangerous for a pilot.

      • and how many will fall from the skies with soldiers in it? how many will be captured while transporting our troops?

        I know that in an optimal case, that would never happen, but we have to face, how many drones we lost, without cyber attacks. A machine with a pilot is reliable, a drone isn’t.

  2. Here we go again. they introduced drones as simplified reconnaisance/attack platforms, dispensing with the pilot. now they are progressively adding more features and systems, its becoming complicated. next thing you know, they’ll add a pilot….. lol

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