[Video] From the C-5 Galaxy’s 28-wheel Main Landing Gear’s point of view

Feb 09 2014 - 3 Comments

Here’s a video shot from the unique 28-wheel main landing gear of a huge C-5 Galaxy.

As already explained, the U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxy airlifter is equipped with a complex Main Landing Gear (MLG) made of four main units fitted in tandem pairs, each with a six-wheel bogie with two forward and four rear wheels.

What makes it unique is the fact that the gear rotates 90 degrees horizontally to be accomodated inside the bays when retracted and it is also steerable (20 degrees left or right) for crosswind landings.

Here’s an interesting video which shows an approach and landing from an unusal point of view located close to the MLG.


H/T to Roberto Giordano for sharing this video with us.

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  • J_Vandal

    That ear splitting howl of the C-5 is something I could never learn to enjoy. I’ve always wondered how the aircrew’s hearing would fare after years of being subject to that.

    • FoilHatWearer

      Padded headphones, I’d suspect.

  • Does anyone know the wheelbase width of the landing gear on the C-5? I’m working on an article about a C-5 landing during The First Gulf War. I was a USAF Airfield Manager at Sembach AB, Germany at the time.