This photo of AH-64 Apache helicopter salvoing flares in the dark is one of the best of 2013

Dec 31 2013 - 5 Comments

Known as “Peten” (“Cobra” in Hebrew) in the Israeli Air Force, the Boeing AH-64A is an attack helicopter that Israel has extensively used in combat since 1990s.

Involved in Lebanon and, more recently, in Operation Cast Lead, the AH-64A and D have been frequently used to patrol the skies over Gaza and to launch air strikes against insurgents/terrorists. For this reason, they also carry countermeasures against MANPADS and IR guided surface-to-air missiles.

The “Peten” in the stunning image taken on Dec. 26 by xnir can be seen salvoing flares in the dark during a demonstration flight.

Flares, are high-temperature heat sources released by planes and helicopters to mislead surface-to-air or air-to-air missile’s heat-seeking targeting systems.

Cities around the world will celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks. The Israeli chopper had its pyrotechnic display few days earlier.

Image credit: Nir Ben-Yosef (


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  • Yossi

    I was there. Was epic. Well done Nir. Great Pic

  • Darth Shawn

    That doesn’t look like any flare I’ve ever seen. Normally flares are shot out away from the aircraft in order to lure away the incoming missles. This doesn’t look right.

  • David

    No doubt – best photo of 2013!



  • MK

    YES! best aviation photo for 2013!
    Thanks David and Nir