This is what happens when a Narcos plane meets some armed F-16 fighter jets

Oct 14 2013 - 13 Comments

According to Vladimir López Padrino, commander of the Ceofanb, the Comando Estratégico Operational de la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (Venezuelan Air Force Strategic Operations Command), who gave the new using his twitter account, on the evening of Saturday Oct. 12 some F-16s belonging to the Aviación Militar Bolivariana Venezolana (Bolivarian National Air Force of Venezuela) shot down two Narcos planes south of Apure, not far from the border with Colombia.


Image credit: Wiki

Padrino released an image of the remains of one of the intruder aircraft: a sort of admonishment for all those who might believe that flying above the Amazon rainforest at low altitude could be enough to escape interception.

Top image credit: via @vladimirpadrino. H/T to Emiliano Guerra for pointing the news over.

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