Iran has unveiled two new indigenous air-to-surface missiles

On Sept. 25, Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan together with a group of high-ranking air force officers unveiled the Qader and Nasr, two new indigenous air-to-surface missiles.

Qader is a medium-range cruise missile which can attack ground targets in the range of 200 kilometers, while Nasr is a short-range missile with a range of 35 km.

Actually, the Qader is derivative from Chinese C802 supersonic ASM (Anti-Ship Missile) whereas Nasr is an under license production of C704 subsonic ASM with two IR and radar seekers.


According to the information released by the Iranian authorities both missiles, that were successfully tested, feature anti-jamming technology, and can be used against maritime targets.

The two missiles were showcased next to an F-4 (a Qader was carried by the Phantom on an underwing pylon) that will be the main platform to employ the new weapons.


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  1. Without a doubt, those are literally “air to surface” missiles – as in, the surface of the earth is the only thing they’ll ever be able to hit.

  2. lunch and hit footage, the Ghader is derivative from chinese c802 cruise missile, Nasr is an under license production of c704 with two IR and radar seekers

  3. Well, these Irano-Chinese missiles reminds me of the french Exocet anti-ship missile, externally speaking, that is.

    • LMAO. For your sake, let’s hope they don’t even get close to it.

      Watching Israel wipe out the entire IRIAF and nuclear program in one fell swoop would be a major set back for the Iranian propaganda ministry.

      • I am no Iradvocate either just saying nukes are a big deal & this is established fact they are working on them. If they manage to get there before getting bombed out, that point people will start taking them really serious. They will say, we built stealth spaceship, people say maybe they did, afterall they did get the nukes, know what i am saying!

        • The only people who are fooled by Iran’s ridiculous propaganda mockups, are people who have no interest in actual defense and aerospace technology.

          Building a nuclear bomb doesn’t mean you can build a stealth aircraft or a guided missile. We were dropping nuclear bombs from piston driven aircraft 70 years ago.

          • @OG_Locc. You’re so delusional. An acquaintance of mine was on board a US Navy missile cruiser during Desert Storm, and even back then, they knew the Iranians had an arsenal of land to sea missiles that could have finished them off several times over. The US, and Israel can only bark but would suffer tremendously if they tried to bite.

      • Talk is cheap kid . let Israel first finish Hezbollah or Hamas then come and talk about a big country like Iran . Israel was forced to accept the cease fire with Lebanon in 2006 and with Hamas in 2008 . in 2006 Hezbollah fired 1000 of missiles toward Israel and hit Israeli ships in Mediterranean . you know why Netaniyaho is barking all the time ?? because he is afraid of Iran and knows that he doesn’t have any chance to win a war with Iran.

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