[Updated] Russia says two ballistic “objects” launched from central towards the eastern Mediterranean. It was an Israeli test.

Reuters is reporting that Russian radar operators (at Armavir Radar station, using Voronezh-dm radar) have picked up two ballistic ‘objects’ being launched from the central eastern Mediterranean, although they state that no explosions were recorded in Damascus.

According to Reuters the Israeli’s have said they are not aware of any missile launches from that area.

No further details are being reported at this time. Still, it must be noticed that cruise missiles, believed to be used in the opening stages of an attack on Syria, don’t fly on ballistic trajectories.

And, obviously, it’s quite unlikely that the U.S. has launched an attack on Syria before Congress approved it….

Update: Israel has admitted it conducted a test of the Arrow system with an Ankor missile, launched from a jet, simulating an SSM.

Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com

Image credit:Headlinedigest.com

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