First U.S. Air Force tilt-rotor aircraft to be permanently based in UK have arrived at RAF Mildenhall

Jun 25 2013 - 5 Comments

On Jun. 24, 2013, the a pair of U.S. Air Force CV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, eventually arrived at RAF Mildenhall, in the UK, at 16:07 LT.

11-0058. CV-22. Mildenhall 24.06.2013

The two aircraft came from Keflavik, Iceland, and are believed to be among the first group to be permanently based at the Hall, with the re-instatement of the 21 SOS, formally with HH-53s.

In spite of the cloudy weather, The Aviationist’s photographer Tony Lovelock was there to take the pictures you can find in this post.

11-0057. CV-22. Mildenhall 24.06.2013

Image credit: Tony Lovelock

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  • Davyd

    Well can you tell Tony to upload larger (read; wallpaper sized) shots so they’re more beneficial to some of your readers? Heh heh.

    On a more related note – that thing has more protuberances than a male teenager!

  • Julian Tysoe

    Saw one of these yesterday from Woodbridge, flying low over the woods to the East beyond the golf club. It was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t know there were any in the country.

  • Graham Gilbert

    They have been landing and training at the old Woodbridge airfield some evenings and night times.

  • PlaneSpotter

    Just saw one of these flying out of Woodbridge at around 15.30pm. Very distinctive with large props.

  • CheetahFang258

    V-22s are the future