Lethal: Watch this rebel hit a Syrian helicopter using an SA-16 shoulder mounted surface to air missile systems

Even if it’s not clear whether the targeted Mi-8/17 Hip chopper was able to survive the hit (in the last year some Syrian helicopters have proved their ability to withstand ground fire by Surface to Air Missiles), the following video shows how lethal some shoulder mounted surface to air missile systems can be.


While the chopper flies at medium altitude, the rebel can target it with an SA-16 and wait the right moment to fire.

The episode took place on Jun. 10 at Aleppo.

H/T to @troublejee for the heads-up

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  1. SA-6? Looks more like a 9K38 Igla or variant (SA-16 Gimlet or SA-18 Grouse, maybe an SA-24 Grinch, but I don’t know the subtleties of each).

    • That buzzing sound means that the thermal battery/gas bottle has been activated and is injecting argon into the system? Wonder how much time the operator has before it’s expended, probably just a minute or two? Then it changes tone and you see a light in the operator’s face just before he lets loose. That means the seeker has acquired the target?

  2. I am more troubled by the cries of “god is great” than by anything else this video might signify

    • Muslims use “allahu ackbar” typically in the same manner a Westerner might say “oh god” or “oh lord” or “jesus christ” in a situation.

      You should be more troubled about how the Free Syrian Army now has MANPADs rather than crudely-built anti-aircraft guns mounted on trucks.

  3. This video is also on the front page of Liveleak, and the uploader claims that the spectacular explosion was actually countermeasures and a premature explosion by the missile. I wonder if there’s any validity to that claim?

  4. It looks like the helicopter threw flares at the last moment and the missle didn’t hit it. Either way, the helicopter continued to fly as before…

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