Google doesn’t want you to see Volkel Airbase (The Netherlands) from above

Apr 28 2013 - 9 Comments

The following image is a screenshot from GoogleEarth.

It shows Volkel airbase, the Netherlands, blocked out by Google because it is one of the European sites hosting a U.S. nuclear weapon repository.

Volkel is the base of the 312 and 313 Sqn of the RNlAF (Royal Netherlands Air Force): according to Wikipedia, Dutch F-16AMs can at times be seen carrying BDU-38 dummy bombs, which are used to simulate the B61 nuclear bombs, 22 of those are believed to be stored there (as of 2008).

By the way, Bing Maps shows all the base but the northern part, that is blacked-out.

Volkel AB

Someone told this author that the reason for blurring the airport is to comply with the request by the Dutch authorities to hide military installations. Still, this would not explain why Leeuwarden airbase is clearly visibile on Google Earth.

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  • erik

    not only Volkel airbase has been blocked out also Gilze-Rijen (base of most Dutch helicopters) and the naval harbor of Den helder
    but Leuwarden Airbase (F-16 base) has not been blocked out

    so its not mainly because there are nuclear weapons on Volkel (wich is never confirmed or denied by the Dutch Gov)

  • Actually, the responsibility probably lies with Dutch authorities. Google ususally buys its maps and satellite material from local geographical authorities, which in turn take into account the wishes of the armed forces.

    If you check Bing maps you can see that they are using another version, which still has blurring in the northern part of the area of interest.

  • mzungu
  • Christian

    All military bases in the Netherlands are censored, so I don’t think it is has to do with nukes.

  • Michal

    You can see most of it on Bing Maps. Only northern part is blacked-out there.

  • If you look closer, you can see that Leeuwarden AB is also blurred, but not as much as Volkel. All military installations are blurred, for instance: Deelen, Woensdrecht, Ede and Stroe. Doesn’t take away that the nukes are on Volkel. There even is a detachment of the 703rd Munitions Support Squadron permanently based to maintain them.

  • Doc Strangelove

    Sounds quite like security paranoia. German airbase Büchel which hosts also B61 is clear and crispy as ever …

  • nobody

    aviano air base in italy is also holding us nukes, and is clearly visible on google earth. so, who cares for some pseudo security.

  • Alexy

    Interesting, but why google doesn’t blurred area 51?