Iran unveils new indigenous stealth fighter “Qaher 313”. And here’s a detailed analysis.

Here’s our analysis about the “Qaher 313” stealth jet.

On Feb. 1, 2013, Iran unveiled its indigenous fighter jet named “Qaher 313”.

The prototype of the Q-313 (or F-313 according to the stencils applied to the aircraft), was presented to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and publicly displayed as part of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies held in Iran to celebrate the 1979’s victory of the Islamic Revolution.

In the previous days, the Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi had said, “The aircraft will be different from the other fighter jets Iran has already made.”

Q-313 1

Indeed, based on the first photographs released by the FARS News Agency, the new stealthy jet has a really peculiar design. It features hard edges and those distinctive edges and angle of the U.S. F-22 and the twin tail shape much similar to that of the F-35 Lightning II.

Q-313 3

The Q-313 has large, seemingly fixed canards, and little wings whose external section is canted downward.

The canopy material is at least odd (based on its transparency, it looks like plexiglass or something like that).

The cockpit seems to be basic (a bit too much for a modern plane – note the lack of wirings behind the front panel and the presence of few instruments, some of those similar to those equipping small private planes…).

Q-313 cockpit

The nose section is so small almost no radar could fit in it.

Q-313 6

The air intakes are extremely small (they remind those of current drones/unmanned combat aerial vehicles) whereas the engine section lacks any kind of nozzle: engine afterburners could melt the entire jet.

Q-313 7

And, above all, the aircraft is way to small.

Look at the following image showing an Iranian officer sitting on the ejection seat in the cockpit.

Q-313 4

It looks like this pilot is in a miniature plane.

Q-313 5

Summing up: the shape is interesting with some innovative features but the Q-313 displayed on Feb. 1, 2013, seems to be nothing more than a large mock up model (not properly sized to accomodate a real pilot….).


There is a video allegedly showing the Q-313 in the air. Here it is.

Even if it is not the first flight of the aircraft as some of The Aviationist readers say, the way the depicted plane flies is suspect. It seems a radio-controlled scale model more than a modern fighter jet.

Furthermore, as someone pointed out: if the Qaher 313 actually flew, most probably Tehran would release footage of its takeoff and landing.

Click here to read the article on Business Insider about this and other (more realistic) Iran’s military projects and the risk they pose to the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf.

Image credit: FARS, Mashreghnews

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    • Yup sure looks like an R/C turbine mock up in that video.

      and as a long time US Navy Hornet Avionics tech there is no way in hell that is a fucntional cockpit

  1. The flight videos (from different angles) are already available. Armchair aerospace engineers could watch them.

    • This video puts to rest claims it was RC model.

      Take-off/landing is STOL, we’ll see footage sometime as well, I’m sure there will be more excuses why this fighter “sucks” or “fake” will be invented :)

  2. the plane in the footage is too fast and doing maneuver which quite strange for a maiden flight. after examing the footage provided by the iranian propaganda agency it turns to be just like what I said. an RC module! Pic:
    I thank you VERY much for approving all of my comments

    • wmac already debunked your theory, watch this video again – its NOT RC!

      Also its not maiden flight, according to Iran, it has thousands of hours of flight tests.

      Its amusing to watch deniers:

      1. Iran announced new fighter. “Oh it will be just some old crap repainted.”

      2. Iran showed advanced fighter in hangar. “Its just a mock-up, this fighter cant possibly fly. Now if you show me the video, then I’ll believe.”

      3. Iran showed multiple videos. “Oh its just RC or fake videos.” :)))

      Watch again, and if you still think its RC, nobody can help you:

      • Your right. In fact, I remember an article on this very site with all its posters claiming that the US drone inside an Iranian basketball/gym was not a real drone. LOL LOL muppets. Then Obama had to ask for it back. Nobody posted after that.

      • the Iranian news says it is an RC some try again. They did the same thing with their new Tank it is a M60 with some futuristic angles.

      • I think you’re misunderstanding their claims. They’re not saying it’s a toy. They’re saying what you’re seeing in flight is, as the pictures have shown, a “smaller than life” model of what their final aircraft should look like. It really is small. Looking at it reminded me of when I parked my small Z4 next to an even smaller Lamborghini.

        That’s not to say that a slightly larger version won’t be made. But what is shown right now, is really a mystery, and may have been rushed to release to meet some timeline or perhaps to send a message to Israel after their strike against Syria. Who knows. But this plane is an unfinished project.

        • But Ahmadinejad claims they have tested the plane thousands of hours in the air. How can he say that, when they have no evidence of the plane leaving ground, or even roll an inch by it`s own power?

          • I’ve never taken him for his word. But I do know there is always a half-truth in everything they claim. In this case, I’m going based off of what I see. What I see…I’m not 100% sure of. I can’t really say either way. Do I have doubts? Absolutely. Is it impossible for Iran to have made a fighter? No. Considering they’ve made 2 in the past. Am I wondering why they didn’t show a take off and landing? Am I curious as to why the plane is so small? Absolutely. Am I shocked at Iran’s claim that they built the powerplant for this fighter themselves? Yes. Do I think that’s a lie? Definitely leaning that way. But I’m not so ignorant to quickly dismiss something. This reminds me of Atheist vs. Religious arguments. Neither have definitive proof, but have no issues about jumping to conclusions and holding firm in those beliefs.

            • This discussion has nothing to do with the ability of the Iranian people, but the ability of the iranian system. It is a copy of the North-Korean cat-way, by making your self bigger than the actual size. Now the president tells he can be sacrificed by being the first Iraninan astronaut, just to become a national hero, without hardly have jumped an inch from the ground. (is he five years old?)
              The irony is that he “wants” to be Iran`s first male astronaut. Sorry to say so Mr.Hero, the first Iranian astronaut is safe on the ground and has already been in space. A lady.. LOL

              • I was going to say, until I saw the last part of your statement. However, he can still be Iran’s first male astronaut as you mentioned. Lol. I think a lot of Iranians would be more than happy to have him be the first male astronaut. :P

          • But the head designer “Apparently” said they only tested 2 small models and he never claimed full scale tests.

            • Strange. The Norwegian news told us that the plane was tested thousands of hours, and the abilitys were first class.

      • Its really funny to read your post and others like it. This plane defies the laws of physics if you analyze its structure and design. Thats pretty much it. Add to that the fact that Iran is in an economic crisis and lacks anything close to the technological infrastructure to build stealth aircraft and you can arrive at only one conclusion… this is a fake. Now add to the mix a little knowledge about Iranian politics and upcoming elections and you can conclude this is really internal propaganda. Just like the rhetoric re destroying Israel and the US, it simply gives the failed leaders of Iran a common rallying point to keep the populace from focusing on the failing economy, the oppression, lack of basic rights etc. Im all for not mocking the enemy, but theres a difference between that and denying logic. I also dislike people who are politically correct and in that spirit I will mention what my good Iranian friend always says: “Those Iranian SOB Mulas have hijacked the country and use our money to support Hizballah, threaten Israel, the US, and the West.. they really should be wiped off the face of the earth”. I have to say I agree with him 100%

        • Yes , but one thing, what usa are doing it the Persian Gulf ..this is The question.? could you Give me a simple answer please..I’m sure you can “if you want”.I think USA is located in America Not in Asia ,so what are they “fucking ” their. I think USA Politiciens are just as stupid as some iranien politiciens

        • This plane defies the laws of physics if you analyze its structure and design.

          oh, armchair aerospace engineer talks.

          Did you see the simulations and wind tunnel test videos? Those are more valid and credible than your BS to me.

      • Interesting, some screenshots in this vid show use of 3d modelling software GAMBIT and CFD (airflow) analysis tool FLUENT 6.3

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