Close call: Russian Tu-22M Backfire bomber take off uses ALL of the runway

Jan 10 2013 - 4 Comments

Backfire bombers can’t be refueled in-flight and the Russian Tu-22M Backfire shown in the following video must have been loaded with a lot of fuel.

This could explain why the Russian bomber uses almost every inch of the runway before reluctantly taking to the air.

The Tu-22 is a swing-wing, supersonic, nuclear and possibly lethal strike and maritime bomber that China could soon employ to counter the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea and Pacific region.


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  • Judging by the soil in the wake turbulence, I’d say he used MORE than every inch of runway!

    • cencio4

      Well said! :-)

  • Matt B

    Chinese Backfires could be refueled in-flight since their not part of START or SALT right?

    • cencio4

      Theoretically yes, since the Russian planes have the required equipment and probe.