Odd NOTAM unveils mysterious drone operations in the Las Vegas area

Nov 11 2012 - Leave a Comment

A NOTAM (Notice To Airmen) issued on the FAA website, provides some interesting information about UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) activity around the Sin City on Nov. 11.

LAS035020 LAS035007 LAS290040 LAS310040 FL220/BLW WEF 1211091600-1211112300

Information about drones activity (soon to be equipped with ADS-B systems to fly cooperatively and safely in the U.S. airspace), is disseminated by means of NOTAMs.

However, the one above is a bit odd, as suggested by Lazygranch:

“They usually fly the UAVs over the Nellis range. This NOTAM goes as far south as KVGT (North Las Vegas airport). It goes
far enough north to reach Creech.”

The area will be restricted up to FL220 (22,000 feet amsl) and the time window is Nov. 11 from 8AM 3PM Local Time. The activation hours cover the Aviation Nation airshow at Nellis Air Force Base that is outside the area reserved to the drone mission.

What does the NOTAM suggest?

It may suggest that an MQ-1 Predator will be launched from Creech Air Force Base, to perform an unknown mission in the outskirts of Las Vegas. Most probably a surveillance mission (along the Veterans Memorial highway?) during the open day at Nellis AFB.