Stealth fighters, giant aircraft carriers, flying wing bombers: if these visionary weapons were real, China would dominate the world

Aircraft carriers, stealth fighter bombers, biplane cargos, submarines and a lot of never seen before weapons systems: this is the fictional world created (or at least collected, since I’m not sure he did all of them) by a Chinese artist (章鱼飞鸟的博客: “Octopus birds”, according to GoogleTranslator) whose artworks depict a fictional, futuristic world dominated by China’s wartech.

Nothing of a real military significance, still an interesting series of “visions”, a sort of vurtual comic book about the future of the Chinese military power in which J-20 stealth fighters dogfight with Japanese F-35s or intercept U.S. EP-3E, B-2 Spirit-like bombers deliver nuclear weapons, and ballistic missiles hit American aircraft carriers at sea.

Image credit: 章鱼飞鸟的博客:

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