Stealth fighters, giant aircraft carriers, flying wing bombers: if these visionary weapons were real, China would dominate the world

Aircraft carriers, stealth fighter bombers, biplane cargos, submarines and a lot of never seen before weapons systems: this is the fictional world created (or at least collected, since I’m not sure he did all of them) by a Chinese artist (章鱼飞鸟的博客: “Octopus birds”, according to GoogleTranslator) whose artworks depict a fictional, futuristic world dominated by China’s wartech.

Nothing of a real military significance, still an interesting series of “visions”, a sort of vurtual comic book about the future of the Chinese military power in which J-20 stealth fighters dogfight with Japanese F-35s or intercept U.S. EP-3E, B-2 Spirit-like bombers deliver nuclear weapons, and ballistic missiles hit American aircraft carriers at sea.

Image credit: 章鱼飞鸟的博客:

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  1. Few years ago,visited Chinese Aviation Museum in Beijing. They had quite a few futuristic drawings and such on display. I think it is good, we should do more of this ourselves, nothing wrong in exploring new designs and ideas….

  2. Make NO mistake. China will become the world’s first mega superpower. They will control everything. The high seas, the financial markets, resources, outer space and anything they can buy. All this with out firing a shot. And hopefully, they will not behave on the world stage, as badly, as America and Britain have.

        • Funny since the U.S. NEVER claimed sainthood but you do. The U.S. has problems. I believe we should leave the rest of the world alone and then they will still blame the U.S. Tell me where it is better than here and then go there! If it is so good I may join you!

    • yes, looik at the way china is fighting phillippines and vietnam over tiny islands in the south pacific, and the way china is fighting japan over Dia yu tai island in eastern pacific. , and hired some mobs to smash japan embassy in china. china is already behaving badly. So, don’t flatter yourself.

      • It’s a country where 1.1 billion people live on less than $2000 U.S. a year. They are trying to build aircraft carriers that can work, but they’re unable to figure out the catapult system to launch an airplane. It’ll take at least 50 years to design, crew and most importantly train seamen to man the ships.

        If they were strong they’d have taken Taiwan already, they know they can’t do it. This is a dictatorship that’ll fall and get old before it can stake any claim by force.

        In short, they’ll rule nothing.

    • Trev I can agree with you but then we would both be wrong! I can think of 3 countries that behaved bad in the late 30’s and early
      40’s. ! China has behaved badly for 50+years. They have had the ability
      then and now to make the rest of the world look like sissies! Some day they will control your ass and then you will realize how good it is as of now.

  3. Read George Friedman’s The Next Hundred Years. You’ll learn what the difference between myth & reality is.

  4. China may not get there they are having financial problems and most of their population lives in extrem poverty. Their air is filthy, their water contaminated , if anything they may get into a shooting war just to reduce the population .The US should stay patient even if China takes those Islands the real prize is to their north, Russia . China wants Manchuria back and it’s full of oil, gas, gold , lumber, and raw materials. Their relationship with Russia is one of temperary need to counter the West. That will fade and as Russia’s population declines in the Far East and it’s actions in Ukraine may very well open the door later for China to take the Far East back. Putin doesn’t have the conventional strength to stop China. He would have to nuke them, with such a huge border that’s suicide given that no body really knows how many nukes the Chinese have and where they are. No body would live through that certainly not Putin or China.

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