All the most interesting aviation-related moments of the Olympic Games opening ceremony

In order of appearance.

The Red Arrows fly over the Olympic Stadium

The world’s most famous-spy James Bond personally escorts The Queen Elizabeth II to the games on an AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter. The unusual duo parachutes into the stadium.

Unfortunately, there was no video coverage of the AW101 airdrop of 7 billion biodegrable confetti into the stadium as the Great Britain team entered the arena.

Quite weirdly, the Finmeccanica logo on the AW139 registered G-OLYM was much more visible on TV during the 4-hour long opener than the British Airways one.

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  1. Vergognoso ….. tutti i filmati relativi al divertente “salto” di “Sua Maestà” e James Bond da un elicottero AW139 (che reca il logo di Finmeccanica) vengono sistematicamente cancellati dal web dal Comitato Olimpico per motivi di copyright …..
    E’ una cosa del tutto indecente ….. ripeto: INDECENTE …..

  2. Shameful ….. all movies about the funny “jumping” of “Her Majesty” and James Bond by an AW139 helicopter (which bears the logo of Finmeccanica) are systematically deleted from the web by the IOC for copyright reasons …..
    It ‘s something quite indecent ….. I repeat: INDECENT …..

  3. They didn’t drop into the stadium – it would be too risky because of all the wires for the main show. You could clearly see them peel off on the TV coverage, who then cut away.

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