New close-up image of Iranian Mohajer-3 drone disclosed

Apr 16 2012 - 3 Comments

Sent to me by a reader of the blog, this image (that as far as I know was originally posted by the Iranian site is one the few available on the Internet of what should be a Mohajer-3 drone.

Also known as the “Dorna”, Iran’s Mohajer-3 seems to be quite similar to the Mohajer-2. It is a equipped with a forward facing camera, mounted in the front of the fuselage and is believed to be able to carry TV or FLIR cameras in a new payload bay. It carries also a line-scanner that, according to some Iranian websites, is capable of a 1-meter resolution at an altitude of 5 km.

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Made-in-Iran Syrian drone dubbed “Pahpad” has been widely employed in Syria but the Assad’s regime against the oppositors. For the moment, in spite of the rumors, no images of other types of drones have emerged.

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