Belgian Air Force F-16s refueling from U.S. tanker over Afghanistan. With boom operator's audio (and some wasted fuel…)

Mar 11 2012 - 2 Comments

After publishing the previous article about the aerial tanker’s “flying boom” here’s another video taken during the same sortie, showing a U.S. KC-10 refueling a flight of two Belgian Air Force F-16s over Afghanistan. This time, the footage contains some audio that let you listen the boom operator talking with the two Viper pilots.

After completing the refueling operations, the two F-16s perform some tactical breaks from the country to give the opportunity to someone inside the boom operator’s station to film the stunts.


  • joepking

    David, if you look at the Belgian F16s they only have weapons on one side of the plane, the hard points of one side are not armed, including the wing tip sidewinder, only one sidewinder, why is this? Save weight? Fuel? I can see if they had released ordinance from the hard point as under there they have a bomb but why would they be minus a sidewinder?

  • Bjorn

    They are. The right side has a GBU-38 and the right side has a GBU-32 and Sidewinder on the tip rail. The one Sidewinder is just for protection, but since there are no adversaries in Afghanistan to cope with, only one is carried at a time.