F-14s, in-flight emergencies and arrested landings. Top Gun? No, an Iranian TV series

Feb 17 2012 - 10 Comments

It is very well known that, more or less one year ago China tried to pass off Top Gun as air force footage but did you know there was also a mini-Top Gun made in Iran?

If not, have a look at the following video.

An IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) F-14, part of a flight of four, suffers a hydraulic failure and is forced to perform a successful emergency landing using the runway arresting system.

Screenplay aside, the video is extremely interesting as it shows the rare Tehran’s Tomcats, one of those can be seen engaging the cable with the tailhook. Noteworthy, some of the radio comms are in English language (with Persian subtitles).

According to the information provided by the user who uploaded it on Youtube, the footage is from the Iranian TV series Shoghe Parvaz.

Thanks to Al Clark for the heads up.

  • It’s like watching an old TV-serie from the 80’s with all the old-fashioned firetrucks & jeeps on the airfield and the somewhat out-dated avionics in the cockpit :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Iranian2

    I don’t get your humorous remark. Which scene from Top Gun was used in this TV serial?

    There were many Iranian made war movies and TV shows since the 80s. What’s so funny about it?

    • It reminded me Top Gun and I found it funny. If it were Chinese, German, Argentinean, etc., I would write the same things since it’s my style.
      Nothing special.

      • Iranian2

        I guess you are under special observation by Iranians since you analysed the spy plane events.

        Not to say there is anything wrong with analysis.

  • Ken McCoy

    At 2:50 in the video the tail hook is dropped and the camera starts to shoot from the rear seat into the front. Note the duck tape being used the pilot’s ejection seat.

    This is not to say there is anything wrong with duck tape.

  • Ano N. Ymous

    Also is there a hatch cover missing from the IFR probe at 0:21?

    • Yes, the cover of the refueling probe is missing even on the footage of the aircraft engaging the cable with the tailhook. Then, the Tomcat with the missing cover taxies and finally when the plane stops the probe is extended.


    As for refueling probe, it was ordered by IIAF to be made with out cover due to safety concerns by Iranian aerospace engineers…


    @ Ken: Buddy how did you come up with the duck tape?looool