Spotter Day For The 90th Anniversary Of 23° Gruppo – Cervia Jun. 20, 2008

One of the F-16s of the 23° Gruppo (Squadron) during the Spotter Day. (All images: Author).

The following aircraft were noted during the Spotter Day held in Cervia on June 20, 2008, to watch the arrivals of the Italian and foreign squadrons invited by the 23° Gruppo to celebrate its 90th Anniversary.

Here’s the log of the activity:

AT-21 Alpha Jet BAF but flown by EC2/8 of the FAF crews
AT-23 Alpha Jet BAF but flown by EC2/8 of the FAF crews
135 Red L-39 2 Sqn HuAF
C.14-38 14-20 Mir F.1 Esc 141 SpAF
C.14-10 14-05 Mir F.1 Esc 141 SpAF
E-180 F-16A-MLU Esk 727
ET-199 F-16B-MLU Esk 727
XX285 Hawk 100 Sqn RAF Special markings 90th Anniversary
XX284/CA Hawk 100 Sqn RAF
89-2047 F-16CG 510FS
89-2018 F-16CG 510FS
MM54514 “61-64” MB.339A 213 Gr
MM7059 “50-47” Tornado ECR 155 Gr
MM7078 “36-30” Tornado 156 Gr
MM7080 “6-33” Tornado 102 Gr Special Colour
MM6940 “5-30” F-104ASA-M preserved
MM7169 “51-66” AMX 132Gr
MM7239 F-16ADF 23 Gr
MM7251 F-16ADF 23 Gr Special Colour
MM7252 F-16ADF 23 Gr
MM7259 F-16ADF 23 Gr
MM7262 F-16ADF 23 Gr
MM7269 F-16B 18 Gr
MM7273 “36-02” F-2000 12 Gr
MM61970 “5-55” S208M 605SC
MM81343 “15-31” HH-3F 83 CSAR

Here are some images of the event:

One of F-16s of the local-based 23° Gruppo of the 5° Stormo taxies ahead of take off.
An Italian Viper taxies in front of the photographers stand.
A Special Colored Tornado of the 102° OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) based at Ghedi.
A Eurofighter Typhoon of the 36° Stormo based at Gioia del Colle AB.
The special colored F-16 MM7251 leads a formation of Vipers of the 23° Gruppo.
The Special Color of the 23° Gruppo, MM7251, unveiled during the Spotter Day.
A French Alpha Jet.
The special L-39 of the 2 Sqn of the Hungarian Air Force
A Spanish Air Force Mirage F1.
A local Viper lands after the display.
AMX of the 132° Gruppo from Istrana MM7169/ 51-66.
A Tornado ECR of the 155° Gruppo ETS based at Piacenza AB.
A RAF Hawk.
Among the visitors, also this F-16C of the 510th Fighter Squadron from Aviano AB.
A Special-themed MV Agusta motorbike.
An F-16 of the 23° Gruppo shows the tri-colored travel pod.
An F-16 of the 23° Gruppo on the squadron’s apron after the flight.
The official car of the 23° Gruppo!

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