F-104 Graffiti Art

Today I visited this scrapped F-104 next to Warner Village cinemas, in Rome. For those interested it is located at 41°49’01,49”N 12°24’49,07”E but don’t waste time looking for it in Google Earth since satellite pictures […]


Air-to-Air photography

Una versione in italiano di quanto descritto in questo post può essere letta sul forum “Italian Vipers” cliccando qui. Many aircraft enthusiasts and photographers have noticed that the majority of the air-to-air pictures I took depict the subject from abeam or astern: most […]


Airborne pickup (rejoining with an F-104)

There are basically 2 ways to rejoin a chasing aircraft with another aircraft of a different type: the interception and the so-called “airborne pickup”. Since I’m talking about dissimilar aircraft, I’m not considering the formation take-off, something that is  performed by two aircraft of […]