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Impressive images of a Syrian attack plane firing rockets at ground target

SyAAF MiG-23

Taken on Nov. 30, the following images show a Syrian Arab Air Force MiG-23ML using B-8 pods to fire rockets to ground targets located at Jabal Azzawiyah, Idleb province, Syria.

Such pods are used to fire 80-mm S-8 unguided rockets, a kind of weapon that was employed by both SyAAF Mil Mi-25 gunship helicopters, Mig-29 Fulcrum and Su-22 attack planes.

SyAAF MiG-23ML 30-11-2013

SyAAF MiG-23ML 30-11-2013 Idleb 2

H/T to Luftwaffe A.S. for spotting this impressive sequence


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New Iranian UAV based on captured U.S. drone filmed today over Damascus, Syria

Yasir Damscus

Do you remember the Yasir drone, a modified copy of the Boeing ScanEagle (captured by the Iranians in 2012) that was unveiled on Sept. 28?

It was filmed today, Nov. 9, over Damascus suburb Hujaira AlBalad, in Syria.

Although the quality of the footage is poor, you can clearly identify the Yasir and its distinctive shape: the modified ScanEagle features a twin-tailboom empennage and an inverted v-tail elerudder similar to that of the RQ-7 Shadow.

The Yasir can be disassembled and carried in a suitcase.

Funny how fast the “new” UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) was delivered to Assad’s forces.

H/T to forum user amricos51 for the heads-up

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[Video] This is what being in the trajectory of a bomb dropped by a Syrian attack plane looks like

bomb on you

In a previous post we have seen a cameraman receiving a direct hit from a tank shell.

Even if this is less spectacular so to say, this video is interesting because it shows a Syrian fighter bomber releasing flares to deceive eventual MANPADS while overflying a Syrian rebel position followed by a free fall bomb almost hitting the guy who was filming the scene.

The aircraft is difficult to ID (it may be a Su-22 Fitter) so as the bomb.

A lesson learned? If you see a warplane make an evasive maneuver over your head, you might better take shelter as soon as you can.

H/T to Matt Fanning for sending the link to the video

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[Video] This is what taking a direct tank shell hit looks like!

tank shell

A-10 Warthogs’ specialty is killing enemy tanks.

For this reason they are U.S. soldiers favorite planes when it deals with calling for air support in Afghanistan. An A-10 with a 30mm GAU-8 Avenger gun and some AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missiles would probably be useful to the Free Syrian Army as well and have prevented the rebel cameraman shooting the footage below from taking a T-72 tank’s direct hit.

Reportedly filmed at Jobar Damacus Lewaa al-Baraa, full speed:

Slow motion:

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Syrian Mig-29 Fulcrum jets appear in the skies over Damascus during ground attack missions

Mig-29 over Damascus

It looks like Assad has decided to use Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) Mig-29 aircraft to attack rebel forces in Syria.

The image in this post (published on a Facebook page that covers SyAAF news) clearly shows a Syrian Fulcrum flying over Damascus with B-8 pods for 80 mm unguided rockets.

The photograph is particularly interesting because it not only witnesses the appearance of the SyAAF Fulcrum in the air war against the Free Syrian Army (FSA), but it also marks its use as an air-to-surface platform to deliver unguided weapons.

In other words, after being kept away from the war, the Mig-29 is currently being used against ground targets with “dumb” weapons that require it to fly at lower altitudes, most probably well within the MANPADS range.

Is Assad running short of all its other warplanes?

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