Ukrainian Mig-29 Fulcrum (in display team livery) performs low pass over pro-Russia separatists

Apr 16 2014 - 8 Comments

Ukrainian Air Force once again active in the eastern Russian-speaking part of the country. With Mig-29 Fulcrum aircraft still wearing the national display team color scheme.

A weird show of force was performed by the Ukrainian Air Force over Kramatorsk on Apr. 16: a fully armed Mig-29 Fulcrum overflew pro-Russia separatist blocking rails at very low altitude. But, interestingly, the aircraft sported a high-visibility, white, yellow and light blue livery: the one of the Ukrainian Falcons, the UkAF aerobatic display team.

Here’s a video of the improvised “airshow”:


On Apr. 15, the unconfirmed news that a Ukrainian Su-27 supporting a special operation in Kramatorsk was shot down circulated for some hours.

Mig-29 Ukrainian display team 2

Image credit: Reuters


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  • P.Act

    Long Live Ukrainian Pilots!

  • Nick

    It’s interesting that some of the people in the video don’t even bother to turn their eyes to it! :-)

  • Ernest

    It was a brave pilot to have very low fly-by. It is a very easy target for a Separatist using MANPADs

    • BlueWater

      That extreme low pass was much more dangerous for people on ground. One man was screaming in russian “Go away from electric lines!”

  • CattivoPensiero

    Does it look equipped with AA weapons only ?

    • John McElroy

      Bullets are A/G

  • William T. Sherman

    Regardless of which side your politics is on…You gotta admit, that was damn cool!

  • John McElroy

    Sloppy approach if you ask me. And he almost ate the Pine Tree.