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Italian Army – 147th Anniversary

On May 6th, the Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) celebrated its 147th Anniversary with a show that was held in the Tor Di Quinto military hippodrome. The show comprised also an air display of the main AVES aircraft and the flyby of some formations of helicopters. The air show’s rehearsals took place at Rome Urbe airport, where all the helicopters were deployed, and Giovanni Maduli went there on May 2 to take the following exclusive pictures.

Spring Flag Media Day in pictures

Here are a few more interesting pictures of the Spring Flag Media Day held on Apr 17 at Decimomannu airbase. For the air display of the Exercise some assets of the Trapani-based Opfor visited Deci:
MM722 1-15 AV8B+ I GrupAer
MM7034 50-50 Tornado ECR 155 Gr
MM7266 F-16B 18 Gr
MM7269 F-16B 18 Gr
MM55514 SF260EA 207 Gr (this latter was reported in Deci on Apr 10 too even if SF260EA were based in Alghero as “special players”).

Extremely interesting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk marking on an F-16 of the 142 Filo of the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force). For more info visit the following link.

Spring Flag pictures – part 4

The second week of the Ex. Spring Flag has begun on Apr 14. The scenario is always the same and the main difference with the first part of the Exercise is that from Apr 14 to 16, night missions have been scheduled for both the Coalition and Opfor assets. The SF08 will formally end after the Media Day that will be held on Apr 17 even if the last operative missions was flown on Apr 16 night. From Apr 18, the aircraft will begin redeploying to their homebases even if some assets (all but 2 51 St AMX and the Ala 46 Hornets) have already returned at the end of the first week and did not take part to the night phase.

The following pictures were taken at Decimomannu during the first week by Giovanni Maduli.

Spring Flag – part 3 + log

A log of the aircraft taking part in the Exercise Spring Flag 2008 from Decimomannu airport. Serials identified from the pictures.

MM7132 51-01 AMX
MM7144 51-03 AMX
MM7146 51-25 AMX
MM7133 51-32 AMX
MM7007 6-01 Tornado
MM7025 6-05 Tornado
MM7035 6-27 Tornado
MM7006 6-31 Tornado ‘Sp. Col. 154 Gr’
MM7011 6-13 Tornado
MM7015 6-32 Tornado
MM7025 (?) 6-35 Tornado
MM7038 6-37 Tornado
MM7286 4-2 F2000A
MM7287 4-3 F2000A
MM7285 4-16 F2000A
MM7284 4-21 F2000A
MM7276 36-01 F2000A
MM7272 36-03 F2000A
MM7235 36-04 F2000A
MM55072 36-05 MB.339CD
MM55077 61-145 MB.339CD
MM55078 61-146 MB.339CD
MMxxxxx 61-152 MB.339CD
MM55086 61-156 MB.339CD
MM62146 8 GV G.222
MM62107 8 GV G.222VS
4308 Tornado JBG32
4337 Tornado JBG32
4343 Tornado JBG32
4538 Tornado JBG32
4541 Tornado JBG32
4551 Tornado AG51
4576 Tornado AG51
4579 Tornado JBG32
4614 Tornado AG51
4626 Tornado JBG32
4627 Tornado JBG32
4657 Tornado JBG32
110 F-16C 111 PM
115 F-16C
119 F-16C
139 F-16C
141 F-16C
C.15-81 46-09 F-18A Ala 46
C.15-83 46-11 F-18A
C.15-85 46-13 F-18A
C.15-87 46-15 F-18A
G-FRAW Falcon 20
87-0002 F-16D 142 Filo
88-0027 F-16C
88-0029 F-16C
88-0031 F-16C
88-0032 F-16C
MM81073 670 SCS AB.212
MM81161 21 Gr AB.212ICO
MM81375 21 Gr AB.212ICO
MM81399 EI-929 A.129CBT
MM81423 EI-938 A.129CBT
MM80832 EI-810 CH-47C