F-16 immelmann after takeoff

On the ItalianVipers forum there was an interesting discussion following a video found on Youtube showing a flight of 3 F-16s of the 23rd Gruppo, performing an Immelmann after take-off from Cervia. I suggest you reading the discussion here:  http://www.italianvipers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2304 […]

Digital Photography

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is one of the great achievements of the photographer in the digital era. Stitched panoramic shots, made by series of overlapping shots joined using special software, provide views that normal lenses could not catch. After watching my […]

Aircraft Carriers

Cavour aircraft carrier

Giovanni Maduli sent me this picture of the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour (550) he took recently in Fincantieri’s shipyards in Muggiano, near Genoa.  The ship, that will be delivered to the Marina Militare (Italian Navy) in 2008, has an overall length of 244 meters and […]